Nike Vapor Pro Low Shoes
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Nike Vapor Pro Low Shoes

2013 | 12097-43
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  • High quality speed and traction captured into the Vapor Low Pro Cleats
  • Sidewall shovel cleats allow you to really dig in on edge movements
  • The one piece synthetic upper eliminates pressure points from seams


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Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff and let your feet do the talking with the Vapor Low Pro Cleats by Nike. Designed specifically for speed and traction no one will be able to catch you, let alone stop you.

The upper is built with a no sew lightweight synthetic, this provides you with extra speed due to its lightweight construction , plus an outstanding fit without the fear of creases or pressure because of threading and seams. Breathable mesh is incorporated into the synthetic as well, giving you a nice cool feeling, because when your feet are happy they work harder.

The midsole focuses on keeping your feet as supported as possible by using molded PU foam with poron inserts for extra cushiony supported feel.

The outsole is primarily where the magic happens, one piece construction of molded TPU makes this outsole designed specifically for serious speed and traction. Also molded from the TPU are the sidewall shovel cleats that enable you to be quicker and stronger during edge movements.

Vaporize the competition with the lightweight, strong, and speedy construction of the Vapor Low Pro Cleats by Nike.