Warrior TII Helmet
  • White (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Lightweight Chrome Facemask (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Superlight, Clocking In At Under 2.2 Pounds (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Provides Outstanding Sightlines (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Large Air Vents Provide Superior Airflow (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Large Air Vents Provide Superior Airflow (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Large Air Vents Provide Superior Airflow (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Large Air Vents Provide Superior Airflow (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Provides Outstanding Sightlines (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Super Lightweight - Under 2.2 Lbs (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Lightweight, Moisture-Wicking EVA-Padded Liner (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Chin Cup (Warrior TII Helmet)
  • Two Removable Ear Pad Sets In Three Sizes (Warrior TII Helmet)

Warrior TII Helmet

2013 | 9443-2
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  • Fit System - 2 removable ear pad sets; 3 sizes
  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking EVA-padded liner
  • Large air vents for superior airflow
  • Super lightweight - under 2.2 lbs
  • Home grown - Manufactured and assembled in North America


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Weight:33.6 OuncesThe weight of the helmet with mask attached, weighed in ounces.
Size Adjustable:YesAbility for size adjustment.
Helmet Certifications:NOCSAECertifications held by the product.
Made In:U.S.AThe country of origin.
Padding:EVA-Padded LinerType of internal padding.
Shell Material:SuperMono PlasticType of material the protective shell is made of.
Warranty:1 YearThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Warrior TII brings an insane level of comfort and protection. And the NOCSAE certification means it'll work for high school, college and pro levels. A Fit-2 system -with two removable ear pad sets in three sizes ensures a fit you'll like.  The EVA padded liner wicks moisture away and is constructed to be as light as possible. 

Large air vents provide superior airflow when cruising down the turf and help in keeping you cool and collected.  A one-piece shell/visor creates a stable design while the lightweight chrome facemask provides outstanding sightlines. The facemask itself features a 5-Point attachment with 3-Points dedicated to quick facemask removal.  

Home grown, right here in North America - and the best part...it's superlight clocking in at under 2.2 pounds.



Warrior TII Helmet Sizing Chart
Size Head Circumferenc (in) CM Hat
OSFM 21 1/8 - 23 53 3/4 - 58 1/8 6 3/4 - 7 3/8