Warrior Revo 3 X Unstrung Head
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Warrior Revo 3 X Unstrung Head

2013 | 13465-2
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  • Super stiff head and grip takeaway for the best of checks
  • Designed for the transitional/takeaway player
  • Truoffset for a lower sidewall and deeper pocket feel


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Bring your game to the next level with the next revolution Revo 3 X Unstrung Head by Warrior. Solid construction for the defensemen looking to improve their performance and revise their game.

A redesigned sidewall transition helps improve your performance while raising the height of the pocket placement. The triple beam sidewall construction creates the stiffest sidewall in the Warrior head family, proving it's solid construction. Lastly, as a defensemen you're constantly throwing checks, as a result Warrior added a raise grip that slightly sticks to the opposition allowing you to get the most out of your check.

The Revo 3 X is completed with a Truoffest technology that lowers the sidewall below the centerline of the shaft. By dropping the sidewall this lowers the center of gravity in your head, giving you the ability to create a deeper pocket feel which can lead to better ball control and shot power.

Don't let the game take you, take over and transition the game better than anyone else with the Revo 3 X Unstrung head by Warrior.