Brine Magnum Strung Head
  • White (Brine Magnum Strung Head)
  • All Around Head For All Divisions (Brine Magnum Strung Head)
  • TrueOffSet Technology Gives You Deep Pockets (Brine Magnum Strung Head)
  • Better Ball Control And Increased Shot Velocity (Brine Magnum Strung Head)
  • Designed For A Mid Pocket For More Powerful Shots (Brine Magnum Strung Head)
  • TrueOffSet Technology Gives You Deep Pockets (Brine Magnum Strung Head)

Brine Magnum Strung Head

2012 | 10187-2
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  • For shooter position
  • TrueOffSet technology
  • All Around Head


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Specifications:UniversalThe measurement requirements which the head meets. NCAA, NFHS or Universal measurements are the standard specifications.
Weight:4.6 OuncesThe weight of the unstrung head, measured in ounces.
Offset:TruOffsetHow the offset of the head is formed (the method of having the top of the head sit below the throat of the head for easier ground balls).
Mesh:Dura Mesh(Strung heads only) The mesh type factory strung on the head.
Warranty:6 MonthsThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


Like a 44 Magnum, the Mangum Head by Brine is perfect for developing a power shooter. The bottom rail of the Magnum Head is designed for a mid pocket which increases hold for more powerful shots. The Magnum head also features TruOffset technology. TruOffset meaning the sidewalls of the head are lowered below the center line of the shaft. By dropping the sidewall below the center line of the shaft the pocket is physically lowered in your stick, giving you the deepest pocket possible while still abiding by the rules. This deeper pocket means you'll have better ball control and increased velocity on shots and passes and allows for an increased hold when dodging to the cage and transitioning the ball to offense. So get out there and shoot!