Easton Launch Strung Head
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Easton Launch Strung Head

2012 | 8071-2


  • Meets both NFHS and NCAA requirements


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Specifications:UniversalThe measurement requirements which the head meets. NCAA, NFHS or Universal measurements are the standard specifications.
Weight:7.0 OuncesThe weight of the unstrung head, measured in ounces.
Offset:Zero to Six DegreeHow the offset of the head is formed (the method of having the top of the head sit below the throat of the head for easier ground balls).
Mesh:Hard Mesh(Strung heads only) The mesh type factory strung on the head.
Warranty:6 MonthThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


Easton-patented Reflex technology is exactly the type of innovative foundation that successfully redefines head design and the sport of lacrosse as we know it. You'll feel the difference in how your head performs.

Leverage your Launch Head - make adjustments on the spot without having to restring your pocket, dial-in the exact deflection that will meet your individual playing technique and have free rein on fine-tuning your speed and accuracy. We're stoked to have created this kind of unprecedented adjustability built into the head since it has always been pocket-dependent. Now you can take time for the tedium of tightening or loosening strings in your pocket when you aren't about to hustle back on the field. The piston absorbs and concentrates the energy when you're receiving a ball giving you a softer, cleaner catch every time.

With zero to six degrees of legal deflection, you can easily twist up the Launch using a Phillips-head screwdriver. The tightest adjustment has the head fully deflected. You can then take some of the Launch angle off by loosening the pressure on the piston and easily getting it back to neutral.

The results are real and the technology is changing the game.

For our strung Launch heads, we chose the material and pocket structure that is on par with our professional players' standards. We took our time with this stringing set-up so beginners and advanced players would pick it up and play. Our superior stringing for the pocket shape complements the Reflex technology and has incredible ball retention.

Meets both NFHS and NCAA requirements.