Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft
  • Krypto Pro Graphics (Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft)
  • Black (Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft)
  • Butt End (Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft)
  • Warrior Graphic (Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft)
  • Constructed From Krypto Pro Alloy (Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft)
  • Chrome (Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft)

Warrior Krypto Pro 30" Shaft

2013 | 10123-2
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  • 10.5% lighter than the regular Kryptolyte shafts. Made from hydrogen infused Krypto Pro 7150 Alloy.
  • The Krypto Pro is one of the most popular shafts in the country. 
  • The Krypto Pro is tested at the highest level and performs higher than the standard.  


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Weight:5.9 OuncesThe weight of the shaft without a head attached.
Material:K-Pro AlloyThe materials used to construct the product.
Grip:SmoothRefers to the texture on the shaft which does or does not provide grip.
Length:30"The length of the shaft measured in inches.
Warranty:6 MonthsThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


Officially weighing in as a featherweight, the Warrior Krypto Pro series of handles were built around one simple concept: provide players with the lightest handles on the planet.

Made from ultra-high end K–Pro superlight alloy. The Krypto Pro series is over 8% lighter and 25% stronger than the standard Kryptolyte series shafts.
The Krypto Pro handle is ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their shot speed, dodging abilities snap check reaction time. By reducing the weight of the shaft you are increasing your hand speed.

The “Cut Through” graphic package gives you a large but clean cut logo hit. This style of graphics is big at the X games and is influenced by the skateboard industry. If you need a shaft that can keep up at the highest levels of play, then you need the Krypto Pro. Let the game float in your hands. Do it with the Krypto Pro.