Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves
  • Red (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • 4 Bar Backhand Design Flexes Perfectly (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • TruVent Technology Palm Keeps Hands Dry (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • 4 Bar Backhand Design Flexes Perfectly (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Synthetic Leather Exterior (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Gives A More Natural Feel On The Stick (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • TruVent Technology Palm Keeps Hands Dry (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Double Split Cuff Offers Better Protection (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Cuff Allows For Full Movement (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Moisture Management and Airflow For Comfort (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Black (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Royal (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • Navy (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)
  • White (Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves)

Warrior Hypno 4 Gloves

2013 | 10122-2
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  • 4 bar backhand design flexes perfectly during cradling motion for additional ball control
  • Backhand TruVents provide airflow directly to your hands
  • Ideal for the beginner to intermediate player


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Manufacturer:WarriorThe company who produced the glove.
Weight:6.0 OuncesThe total weight of a single glove; weight in ounces. (standard size weighed: Adult 13", Youth 10")
Exterior Material:Synthetic leatherThe material used on the top of the glove and around the exterior (does not include the palm).
Palm Material:Calfskin/MeshThe material used in the palm of the glove.
Padding:Dual Density FoamThe material used to pad the glove.
Wrist Protection:Double Split CuffThe number of padded layers which protect the wrist.
Warranty:30 DaysThe period of time which the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Hypno 4 from Warrior is the perfect glove for any beginner to intermediate player looking for increased flexibility and protection in their gloves. The Hypno 4 is an intermediate glove but it shares a lot of the same qualities as the high end models. The double split cuff gives offers better protection without limiting the movement required to pass, shoot, and cradle. The adjusted thumb fit gives you a better more natural feel on your stick. The 4 bar backhand design flexes perfectly during the cradling motion for better ball control. Double split cuff gives protection without limiting movement for cradling, passing, and shooting.

The Hypno 4 Glove also features Warrior’s TruVent technology. A patented design found on all Warrior gloves, this technology creates working vents throughout the back of the hand and the palm. The moisture management and ventilation are keys in keeping a player's hands cool and dry while they play. Don't be fooled by fake vents on other gloves, Warrior is the only company who's got the technology to keep your hands cool and dry under pressure. The Hypo 4 Gloves are sure to be a hit. If you’re a young gun and looking for a glove that matches your skill set this is it.