Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head
  • White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Strung With Warriors Custom Color Players Pocket (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Aggressive Sidewall Design And A Slim Scoop (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • 2 Shot Mold Process For Increased Durability (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Slim Scoop Allows For Better Transition (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • A Top Choice For Major League Lacrosse Players (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Red/White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Orange/White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Forest Green/White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Royal/White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Black/White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)
  • Carolina Blue/White (Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head)

Warrior Evo 3 Strung Head

2012 | 7782-2
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  • Aggressive sidewall design
  • 2 shot mold process
  • Slim scoop
  • Optimal string hole position
  • Strung  with Warrior's custom color Players Pocket
  • Meets NFHS requirements


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Specifications:NFHSThe measurement requirements which the head meets. NCAA, NFHS or Universal measurements are the standard specifications.
Weight:5.0 OuncesThe weight of the unstrung head, measured in ounces.
Offset:TruOffsetHow the offset of the head is formed (the method of having the top of the head sit below the throat of the head for easier ground balls).
Mesh:Ultra Mesh(Strung heads only) The mesh type factory strung on the head.
Warranty:6 MonthThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Warrior Evolution 3 features a new aggressive sidewall design which uses Warrior's 2 shot mold process for increased durability and stiffness.  The new slim scoop allows for better transition in and out of the pocket.  The Evolution 3 has optimal string hole position for a pocket that strings up perfect every time.  The Evolution 3 offers both style and technology making it a top choice for Major League Lacrosse players throughout the league.  Unique only to the Evolution 3 and the Evolution 3 X, the shooting strings and sidewall strings match the head's 3 color zones for a complete custom look.