Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft
  • White (Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft)
  • Improved Look And A Lighter Weight (Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft)
  • Designed To Handle A Demanding Indoor Game (Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft)
  • Uses The Advanced Carbon Layering Technique (Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft)
  • C32B Barrel (Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft)
  • Black (Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft)
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Epoch Dragonfly Box 32" Shaft

2013 | 11162-2


  • Best in class strength to weight ratio
  • Designed to handle to physically demanding indoor game
  • Clean New Look


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Weight:8.5 OuncesThe weight of the shaft without a head attached.
Material:Carbon FiberThe materials used to construct the product.
Grip:SlipRefers to the texture on the shaft which does or does not provide grip.
Length:32 InchesThe length of the shaft measured in inches.
End Cap:RubberThe style of end cap included on the shaft.
Warranty:1 YearThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Dragonfly Box Shaft is here with an improved look and a lighter weight. It still brings you the best strength-to-weight ratio of any premium shaft, despite coming in a wide variety of cross sections.

Epoch uses the Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technique that places carbon layers at specific angles to limit seams and increase the structural integrity.

This allows the shaft to remain light and balanced, yet still hold up against the rigors of the game.

Unique to Epoch products, the Slip/Grip application on the shaft offers you a gritty texture that allows for a consistent grip to be maintained, while still allowing the shaft to move freely throughout your hands. Like the name says, it slips when needed, yet grips like Velcro when extra control is called for. Another benefit of this type of grip is that it remains functional in all weather conditions.

The Epoch Dragonfly Box Shaft is designed specifically with indoor lacrosse in mind. The durable and lightweight shaft includes a handle that was designed to withstand the physical demands of an indoor game. Though lighter, the Dragonfly Box Shaft is still strong and still quick.