Brine Anthem Strung Head
  •  (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • Meets US Lacrosse And IFWLA Specifications (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • Superior Control Angle (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • Features TruOffset technology (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • Angled U-Scoop For Increased Accuracy (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • Features TruOffset technology (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • Black (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
  • White (Brine Anthem Strung Head)
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Brine Anthem Strung Head

2013 | 10148-44


  • Angled U-scoop
  • Superior control angle provides the greatest shot accuracy
  • Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specifications


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Specifications:US Lacrosse and IFWLAThe measurement requirements which the head meets. NCAA or International measurements are the standard specifications.
Manufacturer:BrineThe company which produces the head.
Weight:6.1 OuncesThe weight of the unstrung head, measured in ounces.
Offset:TruOffsetHow the offset of the head is formed (the method of having the top of the head sit below the throat of the head for easier ground balls).
Pocket:Traditional Pocket(Strung heads only) The style of pocket which has been factory strung.
Warranty:6 MonthsThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


March to the tune of your own anthem with the Anthem head by Brine. Complete with technologies by Brine that will help you bring home ‘ships’ all season long.

The superior Anthem head features an angled U-scoop for increased accuracy and groundball pickup ease. The medium release stick has the perfect balance of power and control making it easier for you to put the ball in the back of the net. The Anthem head also features TruOffset technology. TruOffset meaning the sidewalls of the head are lowered below the center line of the shaft. By dropping the sidewall below the center line of the shaft the pocket is physically lowered in your stick, giving you the deepest pocket possible while still abiding by the rules. This deeper pocket means you'll have better ball control and increased velocity on shots and passes.

Get the job done with ease and make your anthem proud.