Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick
  • Black/Silver (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • Front View (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • Full Front View (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • Side View (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • Back View (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • Channel Formed Pocket (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • Side Of 3K Alumilyte Shaft (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
  • 3K Graphic (Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick)
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Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick

2013 | 10921-44


  • 6000 series alloy construction makes for a durable stick
  • Pro Offset maximizes ball control and a quick load for shooting
  • Rounded scoop makes scooping a breeze


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Head:9K AirvynityThe style of head attached to the shaft.
Shaft:3K AlumilyteThe shaft which is attached to the head.
Pocket:Channel-FormedThe pocket style factory strung on the head.
Length:42 InchesThe overall length of the stick measured in inches (measured with the head attached to the shaft).
Made In:ChinaThe country of origin.
Warranty:6 MonthsThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Reebok 9K / 3K Complete Stick combines the 9K AirVynity Head and the 3K Alumilyte Shaft, providing you with ball control and durability.

The 9K head uses a Pro Profile design, providing you with optimum ball control while reducing ball rattle.  This head also features a Pro Offset which maximizes your ball control, giving you an insane load for shooting.  The V-Shaped inner scoop properly channels the ball when shooting and passing, making it extremely accurate.

The rounded scoop outside design even allows for easy scooping and a very quick release and the Channel Formed Pocket provides a quick release, optimal ball control and even gives you harder shots. 

The 3K shaft is constructed using 6000 series alloy, which makes it very lightweight and durable.  The strength ratio is noticeable from the moment you pick up the stick.

Lay-ups will come... well, easier.  The seamless construction gives you consistency throughout each shot, allowing you to hit your target every time.