Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft
  • Black/Silver (Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft)
  • Full Length View (Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft)
  • Head End (Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft)
  • Middle Shaft View (Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft)
  • Handle Grip End (Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft)
  • Black/Purple (Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft)

Reebok 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft

2013 | 10922-44
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  • O-Tech technology which is 3 speed ports that reduce drag
  • Smooth grip that is almost a powder grip that leaves enough grip to where tape is not necessary
  • Available in 3 dynamic colors


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Weight:155 GramsThe weight of the shaft without a head attached.
Material:Aerospace Grade GraphiteThe materials used to construct the product.
Grip:SmoothRefers to the texture on the shaft which does or does not provide grip.
Length:31.5 InchesThe length of the shaft measured in inches.
End Cap:RubberThe style of end cap included on the shaft.
Made In:ChinaThe country of origin.
Warranty:6 MonthsThe period of time the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


Step into modern day Lacrosse with the Women's 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft by Reebok.

The 9K Shaft introduces O-Tech technology to women's lacrosse. O-Tech technology is a set of 3 fully integrated speed ports that help to reduce drag so that you can expect a harder shot. The compression molded seamless construction allows for an incredibly lightweight yet durable handle so it lasts you longer.

The smooth grip makes for a buttery soft feel, this is almost a powder grip on the handle giving you a very soft feel yet still providing enough grip without having to use tape. The crisscross patter is available in 3 dynamic colors.

The 9K O-Tech 3.0.3 Shaft gives you the tools to be the force that stimulates change.