Reebok 3K Gloves
  • Grey/White/Lime (Reebok 3K Gloves)
  • Segmented Protection (Reebok 3K Gloves)
  •  (Reebok 3K Gloves)
  • Reinforced Grip Palm (Reebok 3K Gloves)
  • Flexible Cuff (Reebok 3K Gloves)
  • Flexible Cuff (Reebok 3K Gloves)
  • Moisture Wicking Liner (Reebok 3K Gloves)

Reebok 3K Gloves

2013 | 8236-2
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  • The Reebok 3K Lacrosse Glove features a sweat wicking interior liner that aids in climate and moisture control. 
  • The seamless finger joints allow for a more comfortable feel when gripping the stick while the maximum dexterity in the fingers and wrist allow for better control and feel.


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Manufacturer:ReebokThe company who produced the glove.
Weight:3.6 OuncesThe total weight of a single glove; weight in ounces. (standard size weighed: Adult 13", Youth 10")
Exterior Material:NylonThe material used on the top of the glove and around the exterior (does not include the palm).
Palm Material:ClothThe material used in the palm of the glove.
Padding:Flex ArmorThe material used to pad the glove.
Wrist Protection:2 LayersThe number of padded layers which protect the wrist.
Warranty:30 DaysThe period of time which the product is under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Reebok 3K Gloves feature a sweat wicking interior liner that will keep your hands fresher for longer.  With moisture being kept to a minimum, you can maintain a high level of play late in the game.

The 3k Gloves have seamless finger joints, which give you a more natural feel when gripping your stick.  This will allow you to rip shots with a lot more confidence.

The protection is what you have come to expect from Reebok, as well.  The curved and flexible cuff role feels like a separate piece of equipment on your wrist, still providing you with maximum protection but not taking away from your mobility.